held a 22 class Open Show at Trimdon Village Hall on SUNDAY 21st. OCTOBER
2001B.I.S. was Sargeant's Coarhabeg Crescendo
R.B.I.S. was Findlay's Firecraig Siver Secret
B.P. was Brooker's Lorina Dizzy Dreams of Corisian
I would like to thank the Secretary and committee for a well organised and friendly show.

An excellent entry of 96 was much appreciated. Movement in general was fair: temperament and soundness was first class and all exhibits were presented in top condition with, in the main, clean teeth.

Veteran bitch was very well supported. I give credit to their owners for the attention obviously lavished on these golden oldies. A quality class of sprightly exhibits.

One criticism that could be taken on board - some collies do not stand 4 - square !We should aim to rectify this.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1McCarte's - Roughrigg Red MarauderB.P.D. -Just 6 mths. Stood and showedwell. Good bone, coat andlength of tail. Standing on well knuckled,neat feet. Sweet eye, balanced head. A happy dog who was very responsive and enjoying his day. Moved O K. Should do well.

Puppy Dog (abs)

Junior Dog (3/1)

1Findlay's - Blue Cassade at Firecraig -Well broken merle with correct coat texture. Good head, sweet eye with ears right up on top. Good reach of neck and back with tail of fair length. Satisfactory on the move.

2Raffel's - Ileyda Kiss-n-Tell Raffel

Maiden Dog (1)

1Raffel's - Ileyda Kiss-n-Tell Raffel -Tri with pleasing head. Coat of good texture and colour. Movement a little close behind. Needs to settle.

Novice Dog (4/1)

1Raffel's - Ileyda Kiss -n- Tell Raffel

2Urwin's - Febbri Desert Storm

3Brooker's - Corisian Cause A Stir

Special Yearling Dog (4)

1Brown's - Brentone Only One -Sable with a sweet expression. Profuse coat, moderate amount of bone. Not the best of movers but did enough to win.

2Baughan's - Janjinks Reflections

3Raffel's - Lasheen Mister Raffel

Graduate Dog (3/1)

1Findlay's - Mallicot McCaully At Firecraig-Res. B.D.-Rich G / Sable. Used his ears to advantage. Correct stop and eyes - giving a sweet expression. Well constructed and moved well.

2Hill's - Draycott Spring Dancer

Post Graduate Dog (8/1)

1Sergeant's - Coarhabeg Roaring Forty -Merle with a really pleasing expression. Excellent make and shape. Well groomed. Cooperated well with handler. Moved soundly.

2Harrington's - Haradale Blue Minstrel

3Bradshaw's - Tyefield Look Who's Talkin'

Limit Dog (6/5)

1Morrell's - Camanna Cool Cookie At Philauney -Tri with glamorous markings. Movement did not please.

Open Dog (5/2)

1Sargeant's - Coarhabeg CrescendoB.I.S. - Upstanding s/w - in profuse coat which was rich in colour and of correct texture. Neat ears, good stop and dark eyes all giving a sweet, kind expression. Head handled well. Looked as though he could do a good day's work. Well off for bone and muscle. Strong shoulders and good bend of stifle meant that he strode along the mat with well measured steps - all dog! A credit to his breeder.

2Hill's - Draycott Gift of Gold

3Hill's - Draycott Spring Breeze

Veteran Dog (abs.)


Minor Puppy Bitch (5/1)

1Brooker's - Lorina Dizzy Dreams for Corisian -B.P.I.S. -Sweet sable coming up 7 mths. Head completely balanced. Flat skull, correctly placed stop. Neat ears, almond shaped eye - all giving the desired expression. Well constructed and moved OK -although a little unsettled at times with more confidence will be a real eye catcher. Liked her a lot. A credit to her breeder and owner.

2McCarte's - Roughrigg Roberta

3Timperon's - Shulene Mystique at Roscot

Puppy Bitch (3/1)

1Harrington's Haradale Siver Orchid - B/M well off for coat. Used her ears well. Sweet expression. Moved satisfactory. Hope she does not grow on. Litter sister to 2.

2Gorley's - Haradale Snow Princess Of Kayosville

Junior Bitch (4/1)

1Sibbald's - Lynmead Sweet Charms at Telforth -Sable of good size. Good eye and neat ears, giving a very sweet expression. Rich coat colour and jacket which fitted. Lovely outline. Front movement did not please.

2Mason's - Carostar Pure Cascade in Glenspey

3Hill's - Draycott Bold 'N' Beautiful

Maiden Bitch (4/1)

1Harrington's - Haradale Silver Orchid

2Gorley's - Opera for Gypsy Via Willosyam

3Fort's - Shulene Quest For Fame

Novice Bitch (4/2)

1Harrington's - Haradale Silver Orchid

2Hill's - Jamesfair Too Be Sure Of Draycott

Special Yearling Bitch (5/1)

1Oliver's - Glenbowdene Spun Gold At Rixown -Quality pretty sable / white with very neat ears and small dark eyes. Well filled foreface and good back skull. Movement was positive in both directions as her construction would suggest. Presented in super coat and condition. A little out of her depth in later classes.

2Mason's - Carostar Pure Cascade in Glenspey

3Gorley's - Opera For Gypsy Via Willosyam

Graduate Bitch (7/3)

1Oliver's Glenbowdene Spun Gold At Rixown

2Sargeant's - Coarhabeg Drop O' Poteen

3Mason's - Carostar Pure Cascade In Glenspey

Post Graduate Bitch (3)

1Oliver's - Glenbowdene Spun Gold At Rixown

2Reed's - Pulsar Chelsea Blue

3Gorley's - Myth N Magic At Kayosville

Limit Bitch (8/3)

1Sargeant's - Coarhabeg Little Wild Rose-R.B.B.- Sable with very sweet expression. Good length of under jaw. Well filled foreface. Nice shape. Standing confidently 4 square on well knuckled feet. Covered the floor with ease. Good muscle tone. Well presented as were all from this kennel here today.

2Oliver's - Glenbowdene Spun Gold At Rixown

3Brown's - Brentone Love Story

Open Bitch (6/2)

1Findlay's - Firecraig Silver Secret -B.B.R.B.I.S.- One of the sweetest merles here today. Moved lightly and with purpose. Responsive to handler. Neat tight ears. Good length of well muscled neck. Well constructed. Would have liked a more broken colour.

2McCarte's - Sachenda Scarlet O' Hara At Roughrigg

3Oliver's - Glenbowdene Spun Gold At Rixown

Veteran Bitch (9/2) Felt that first 3 could easily have swapped places. They could all show the youngsters a thing or two!

1Mickle's - Aberhill Cheeky Miss At Takhisis - B.V.- Pleasing type in good rich sable coat. Balanced head giving sweet expression. Used her ears to enhance expression. Well presented, moved well. Enjoyed her day.

2Mc Carte's - Mirpet Mirror Image At Roughrigg

3Sibbald's - Amalie Evening Primrose At Telforth

JUDGE: Keith G. A. Brand - 'RONANSPREY'