Northumberland & Durham Collie Club

Trimdon Village Hall, Trimdon, Co. Durham

Sunday 17th. October 2004

Judge: Terri Brand (Ronansprey)


Minor Puppy (1)

1Findlay’s Meryctins Man Of Mystery at FirecraigB. P.D.

Nice sized youngster. S/W in good well groomed coat. Straight full muzzle. Head handled well. Dark almond shaped eyes topped by neat ears. Needs to firm up in rear movement – but time is on his side. Much to like about him.

Puppy 1


Junior 1


Sp. Yearling (5)

1Sibbald’sTelforth Talk Of The TyneB.D. & Res B.I.S..

Well known glamorous S/W. Lovely wedged shaped head – set on good length of neck. Very dark eye, giving a sweet expression. Ears a little wide set. Good harsh coat. Stood 4 square on neatly trimmed well knuckled feet. Beautifully presented and shown. 

2McLoughlin’sCamanna Cool Hand Luke At Katiemay

3Hill’s Draycott Harvest Fever


No Entries

Novice (1)1

1Sachenda Claim to Fame

4th in Sp. Y. Not a happy dog at this venue. Needs more confidence to show to advantage.

Graduate (3)2

1McLoughlin’sDraycott Spring Dream At Katiemay.

Sh/S –. Not in full coat but what he had was well groomed. Toenails could do with attention. Moved OK.

Post Graduate (3)1

1Sargeant’sCoarhabeg Making Waves

Well presented B/M dog.Dense, harsh coat of good texture. Wellfilled foreface. Nice type. Plenty of substance. Moved OK.

2McPherson’s Corisian Cause A Stir

Limit (3)1

1McLenahan’sShelfparkParisien Star

Upstanding S/W. Good for size. Well proportioned. Good length of neck and back. Nicely rounded bone. When he used his ears - gave the desired sweet expression. Not in the fullest of coats but what he had fitted and was well groomed.

2McLoughlin’sIleyda Blues Singer At Katiemay

Open (9)5

1 Findlay’sMallicot McCaully At Firecraig Res. B.D.

Quality Sh. S/W Liked him as a puppy and he has matured into a handsome dog. Ears could have been tighter but he used them well. Very alert expression. Head handled well with good wedge shaped foreface, and flat level skull. Well groomed coat. Presented in good condition. Good on the move.

2McLenahan’sShelfparkParisien Sun J.W.

3Heighinglea Harvester Of Draycott


No Entries

Bitches (6)

Minor Puppy

1Corney’sSamhaven Gold Cameo B.P.B. & B.P.I.S

Liked this puppy a lot. Stood, showed and behaved well at all times. So attentive to her handler. Coat gleamed and was immaculately presented. Fine wedged shaped head with desired slight but perceptible stop. Good front with ample reach of neck and length of back. Long low set tail. Good firm action in both directions.

2Hassock’s Camanna Carmen Miranda

3Fort’s Danfrebek Destined For Shulene

Puppy (5)3

1Mcloughlin’sSurprize Package For Ileyda

S/W . More confidant than 2. Nice dark eye. Neat well positioned ears. Good length of tail. Rear movement rather erratic.

2Hill’s CamannaCathrine Parr

Junior (4)2

1Hassock’s Amalie Soul Singer At Camanna

Sweet feminine tri. Well bodied. Good length of head. Neat small ears. Nice angulation and good bone. Ample , dense coat. Moved briskly.

2Hill’s CamannaCathrine Parr

Sp. Yearling 1


Maiden (5)1

1Hassock’s CamannaCollettColbere

S/W 6 mth puppy. Very dark almond shaped eye. Sweet expression. Well used,responsive ears. Nice construction and rounded bone. Stood well on neat feet. Good length of profusely covered tail and thick undercoat.

2Fort’s Danfrebek Destined For Shulene


Novice (3)

1Simpson’s Emryks Mrs Simpson

There is much to commend this bitch especially when she relaxes and shows her ears and lovely long neck and body shape. Not in the best of coats and feet and hocks could do with attention, which cost her in later classes.


3Raffel’sRaphilian One Two Many

Graduate (4)1

1 Findlay’sFirecraig Ice Queen
Nice make and shape. Nicely moulded head and under-jaw. Neat well shaped ears. Well groomed coat of well brokencolour. F/W collar. Nicely shaped almond eyes. Black on her face gave her the illusion of a harsher expression. Moved very lightly on her neatly trimmed feet.

2Dobson’s Rixown Dark Charm

3Simpson’s Emryks Mrs Simpson

Post Graduate (10)5

1McIntyre’s Geosan Paper Box In Meryctin

Liked her for size. Very well groomed. Well balanced head. Nice dark eyes giving a sweet , feminine expression. Used her small well shaped ears to the best advantage. Carried her tail low and moved positively. Stood and showed well.

2Smith’s AldermeadeAntique Fair

3Dobson’s Rixown Dark Charm

Limit (3)1

1Smith’s Aldermeade Highland Storm Over Glenspey B.B. &B.I.S.

Nice type tri. Liked her as soon as I saw her. Full of character and charm that drew you to her. .Pleasinghead eye and expression. Thick harsh coat of good quality. Lovely profile, Firm muscle tone which showed in her effortless movement. A shade smaller than I would have preferred but her overall quality could not be overlooked. So responsive to handler.

2Brooker’sLorina Dizzy Dreams Of Corisian

Open (8)4

1Sargeant’sCoarhabeg Drop Of PoteenRes. B.B.

Sh/S /W whose coat gleamed. Hard to fault her as she has all the basic essentials. Good head & eye giving a kind expression. Nicely rounded bone. Neatly trimmed feet and hocks. Moved with drive & so positive. Very attentive to handler.

2McIntyre’s Mallicot Mystical Magic For Meryctin

3Mclenahan’sTiganleaSprintime At Shelfpark

Veteran (2)

1Sargaent’sCoarhabeg Little Valkyr

9 year old tri bitch who is beginning to show her age about the head. .However she could still strut her stuff. Good muscle tone. Both bitches were very clean, well groomed and had beautifully clean teeth.

2Codling’s Midnight Jewel OfRainejon – hard to believe she is now 13 !

Judge:Terri Brand