Livingstone Canine Society
Saturday June 5th. 1999

Shetland Sheepdog

Graduate 2 (1)

1. Mackie's-Leterikhills Fleet Cadet -Tri dog. Good for size. Sweet
expression, pleasing head qualities. Good shoulders . Moved with drive.



Rough Collie

Puppy 3 (1)

1. McSeveny's - Fortissat Futurist - Certainly one to look out for in the
future! S/W bitch in 1st. class condition. Shown with not a hair out of
place. Correct shaped dark eye. Lovely ear placement all combined to
give the sweetest of expressions. Moved positively. A real show girl.
2. McGowan's - Amalie Times Two for Peemacgee

Junior 5 (1)

1. Findlay's - Firecraig Silver Secret - B/M bitch. Good length of
underjaw. Good bone and muscle. Carried enough coat. Would have likes
tighter ears. Well knuckled neat feet. Covered the ground with ease.
2. Walker's - Mallicot Morgan at Starlenga
3. Philip's - Roughrigg Miss Tiggy at Philjanco

Special Yearling 4(1)

1. Walker's - M. Morgan at S. - 2nd in previous class. A lot to like about
this s/w bitch. Excellent head qualities giving the expression I really
like. Very well presented and handled . It was not her day! Exhibitor
knows why.
2. Henderson's - Roughrigg Road to Riches
3. Gee's - Fine Finesse

Novice 2

1. McGowan's -Amalie Times two for Peemacgee. - S/W dog. Very glamorous.
Slightly unsettled here today. Balanced head, looked alert when he used
his ears. Needs a little more coat length to complete the picture.
2. Walker's M. Morgan at S.

Graduate 5(1)

1. Walker's - M. Morgan At S.
2. Henderson's - Roughrigg Road to Riches
3. Best's - Queline Best in Blue

Open 6

1. McGowan's - IR. Ch. Aintshe Chase the Ace at Peemacgee - Glamorous Tri
dog, who was most certainly the best mover of the day - combined with
his excellent head qualities, showmanship and presentation justly
earned him B.O.B. - also G4
2. Walker's - Starlenga Robin Hood
3. McSeveny's - Fortissat Flossie

Keith Brand