Keighley & District C.S.

Sunday 21st.November 1999

Shetland Sheepdogs

Junior (2) 1

a.. Savage's Faradale Dark Illusion From Savataurus - Tri colour with jet black coat of good texture. Stood alone. Moved and showed well. Quite confident
Post Graduate (7)

a.. Garvey's Melneg Raffles - Well balanced s/w dog. Sweet expression. Neat well placed ears. Nicely knuckled feet, well trimmed & presented.
b.. Crossley's Delisca Rich in Love
c.. Hounsell's Riggsbeck Boldheart
Open (4)

a.. Crossley's Delisca Quite Confident - Nicely coated g.s/w bitch . Well groomed & presented. Good bone and bend of stifle. Sweet expression. with well filled foreface and strong underjaw without being coarse.. Ample reach of neck and level topline. Alert & responsive to handler. Moved well. B.O.B.
b.. Hounsell's Nethercroft Just A Kiss
c.. Sobecki's Ilaybee Chaffinch
Judge: Keith G. A. Brand (Ronansprey)