Keighley & District C.S.

Border Collies & Rough Collies

Sunday 21st. November 1999

Border Collies

Puppy (4) 1

a.. Garvey's Cruise Control with Melneg Nice strong well muscled dog. Alert but with a kind expression. Moved with drive & purpose. B.P.

b.. Carter & Rushton's Markanti Magic Moment
c.. Collier's Beesting Hallmark
Junior (2) 1

a.. Garvey's Cruise Control with Melneg - Winner of puppy.
Post Graduate (3)

a.. Winup & Paipala's Rogansrock April Fool. - Shown in good condition, her jet black coat gleamed. Alert and full of energy. Stood 4 square on well knuckled tight feet. Long tail. Looked as if she could effortlessly perform a whole day's work. Pushed hard for B.O.B.
b.. Entwhistle's Llanrose Alice Band in Beesting
c.. Dandy's Loracian Maori Chief
Open (4)

a.. Entwhistle's Beesting Rogansrock Gift. Two nice bitches of similar type. Really sweet bitch. Her coat was of good colour and texture. Nicely angulated front and rear which allowed her to move with ease.. Lovely expressive head. Stood happily and showed off her many virtues. Won on her more positive front movement. B.O.B.
b.. Winup & Paipala 's Rogansrock Memphis Belle
c.. Winup & Paipala's Corinlea Creag Mhor To Rogansrock

Rough Collie

Puppy (4)

a.. 2 lovely puppies who could change places any time.
b.. Hodgson & Marsden's Takhisis Top Of The Glen
c.. 11 mth. b/m dog. Fine upstanding puppy. Well rounded bone. Good reach of neck coming from well placed shoulders. Nice straight front & well angulated rear. Nice shaped eye & sweet expression topped with neat well placed ears - which he used to advantage. Ex. presented & handled. B.P. & R.B.P.I.S
d.. Mason's Brooklynson Bordeaux At Glenspey
Junior (2)

a.. Hodgson & Marsden's Takhisis Top Of The Glen
Post Graduate (5)

a.. Wray's Takhisis Cheeky Chappie - Nice s/w dog just out of junior and with an eye for the ladies!!. Good reach of neck & angulation of shoulder which allowed him to move with ease. Lovely wedge shaped head, correct stop and almond shaped eye. Ears well used giving an alert intelligent expression. B.O.B.
b.. Savage's Kezmar Concubine
c.. Mason's Carostar Castaway Of Glenspey
Open (4)

1.. Mckinnon's Lynaire Princess Fern - 7 yr. old bitch obviously enjoying her day out. Liked her head, ears & expression. Stood alert at all times. Not in full coat but what she had was well groomed & of good texture. Moved well.
b.. Wray's Aberhill Lady Luck at Takhisis
c.. Morrell's Camanna Cool Cookie At Philauney
Judge: Terri Brand (Ronansprey)