Bearded Collies

Post Graduate (6)

1Martin’sTalibeeTenderTouchR.B.O.B3 yr. Old bitch. Just right for size. Good length of back to height ratio. Good arch of neck. Clean well presented slate coat. Well muscled. Moved well.

Open (5)

1Szmidt’sMoppetswoodCharismaB.O.B. Ingoodwell groomedcoat. LovelyheadandarchingeyebrowsLong deep ribcage.Balancedangulation.Movedwellwithplenty ofdrive. 2 nice bitches. Preferredmovement and presentation of1.

2 Reeves Sammara Hullabaloo


Border Collies

Puppy (7)
1Hasting’sTonkoryIntegrity (NAF TAF) B.P. Lovely 6 mthpuppybitch. Veryappealinghead. Jet -black well presented coat. Nice eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck. Carried a level top-line. Moved & showed well for her first show.

2Liebscher’sTroumerle Rainbow

3 Turner’s Germal Trolly Dolly

1Liebscher’sTroumerleRainbow. 2nd in Puppy. Another sweet feminine bitch. Pleasing head and eye. Good clean coat. Straight front. Moved well.


PostGraduate (4)

1Tiller’sFoxbartonThatJazzCdex UDex R.B.O.B. Not the prettiestflower in the garden but in everything else she excelled. Very alert and attentive to handler. Lovely body shape and a delight to go over. Well- muscled thighs, well sprung ribs and effortless movement showed she could do a full day’s work and won her this class..



Open (2)1

1HastingsTonkoryCasanovaofLoriannaB.O.B. Handsome glamorous 2 year olddog. Coat gleamed with just the right texture. Lovely head and ear carriage. Good reach of neck. Tight neat feet. Good rear angulation. Moved effortlessly keeping a level top-line. Stood 4 square made a pleasing picture. Well handled and presented.

Rough Collies

Puppy (7)

1Marsh’sBermajoDaisyMayB.P. B.O.B Very precocious 10 mth rich g/s puppy bitch. In superb coat & condition . Balanced head, sweet dark almond shaped eye. Correct sweet expression. Neat ears correctly placed. Moved well and stood on neat well shaped feet. Shows much promise.

Junior (5)

1Atmore’sRantaraRightChoice.Pretty s/w bitch. Not in full coat but extremely well groomed and presented. Lovely almond shaped eyes giving a sweet expression. Excellent bone and correctly placed shoulders. Good length of neck.Very attentive to handler. Pleased to see these classes gave her a J.W.
2SimmonsDanfrebek ByDesignToTrenley

Post Graduate (7

1 Atmore’s Rantara Right Choice


3 Plank’s Rayvel Rhianta

Open (7)

1Clark’sBuebeziBlack‘N’PrettyR.B.O.B.Glamoroustri in good coat and condition with rich tan markings.. Flat skull andneat well placed ears. Well filled fore face.. Showed nicely and moved out well.

2Ames GoodnessGraciousOfVorda