Durham County Show

221 class Open show Ė held on Sunday 18th July 2004

Shetland Sheepdogs

Puppy 7(2)
1Gloverís Doonelodge Dancing Rain. A pretty shaded sable bitch.7 1/2 mths . Ears right up on top. Nice well filled foreface and sweet expression. Moved briskly. Very alert to handler. Stood and showed confidently. B.P.

2Johnstoneís Sapphire Sky

3 Toddís Sheldawyn Gold Chimes

Junior 4(1)

1Harrisonís Dantralee Innocent Look. Sweet golden sable bitch with full white collar and legs. Stood and showed steadily on neat well trimmed feet. Nicely set dark eyes and flat skull. Moved well.

2Sangsterís Drumcauchlie Peony

3Eastís Jacquard Anything Goes

Graduate 4

1Hardman & Robinsonís Seavall Smartie. Although this one did not have a lot of coat what she had was well groomed and immaculately presented. Just right for size. Neat well set ears which she used to advantage. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes Good bone and conformation. Stood 4 square. Strode out Ė at one with her handler.

2Gloverís Doonelodge Lunar Landing

3Eastís Jacquard Anything Goes

Post Graduate 6

1Habronís Rannerdale The Red Baron. Glamorous golden sable dog. A competent showman. Carrying a tad too much weight. Lovely gentle expression. Clean well - groomed coat. Moved OK

2Johnstoneís Blue Orchid

3Gloverís Doonelodge Wild Rose

Open 8(3)

1Hardman & Robinsonís Seavall Seamus. Rich golden sable dog. Stood 4 square at all times. Neat well set ears Ė nice dark almond shaped eyes all combining to give a happy alert expression. Nicely rounded bone. Well muscled and in good condition. Tail well placed Ėgiving that final balance and gracefulness of movement that showed itself in his level topline. Could not be over looked. Has matured into a handsome dog. BOB Ė G2

2Maloneís Carmeva Chaos

3Gloverís Doonelodge Double Deal

Judge: Terri Brand