Dundee Canine Club - 9th. June 2001

Shetland Sheepdogs

Puppy (4)

1) McDonald's Knockblair Kirrie Kracker- 11mth. rich g/s dog. Good reach of neck. Neat ears- alert expression. Coat in good condition and well presented. Showed well. Moved soundly. B.P.

2) Smith's Orean High Fidelity

3) Elder's Ellenyorn Petranova

Junior (5)

1) Hepburn's Leterikhill's Merry Master. - Well named happy dog. Stood and showed 4 square. Lovely colour. Well coated with good long tail. Overall presentation good. Moved well.

2) Ironside's Tryina Black Velvet.

3) Fotheringham's Letterikhills Fire Princess.

Maiden (3)

1) Smith's-Orean High Fidelity - Liked her a lot in puppy- but not as settled on the move as puppy winner.

2) Ironside's Tryina Black Velvet.

3) Elder's Ellenyorn Petronova.

Novice (3, 1a)

1) McDonald's Knockblair Kirrie Kracker

2) Ironside's Something Special

Graduate (8, 1a)

1) Smith's Orean Highland Flame. B.B. & B.O.B. -sh/s bitch. Did everything that was asked of her. Lovely shaped dark eye. Neat well tipped ears all giving a pleasing expression. Feminine & showed non stop. Well let down hocks. Moved with drive.

2)  Fotheringham's Fire Princess.

3) Wood/Wynne Tramarallan First Class.

Post Graduate (7,2a)

1) Smith's Orean Highland Flame

2) Fotheringham's Katema Kirsty - belying her 9 years. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Moved soundly. Appealing expression.

3) Elder's Degallo Red Grouse of Ellenyorn

Limit (5,3a)

1) Scott's Degallo The Rustler - Well coated s/w dog. Nice flat skull and well shaped almond eye giving sweet expression. In good body condition - well muscled. Good turn of stifle. Moved well as his construction would suggest.

2) Ironside's Craighilton the Countess.

Open Dog (6)

A lovely class of quality dogs.

1) Forbes Rannerdale Houdini B.D. & R.B.O.S -A lot to  like about this dog. Fine head - good ear set. Lovely bone and body. Good shoulder angulation and felt like he could do a day's work. Coat of good harsh texture and rich colour.

2) Smith's Ch. Orean Rainbow Warrior.

3) Munro's Laurelwood Simply Ash

OpenBitch ( 4)

1) Scott's Degallo Blonde Babe - What a pretty ultra feminine bitch. Long arched neck - neat set ears. Good body length and right for size. Strode out confidently. Handled well to get  the best out of her.

2) Ironside's Craighilton the Countess.

3) Forbe's Rannerdale Dancer

Terri Brand - Judge