Clackmananshire Canine Society

Sunday 16th. May 1999

Thank you to all exhibitors who gave me such lovely and well presented dogs
to go over . I enjoyed my day.

Shetland Sheepdog :

Junior 7

1. Isdale's Viewdale Son of a Dancer -Ex. Glamorous s/w dog. Sweetest of
expression without mistaking his gender. Flat skull & well moulded
foreface. Good reach of neck & length of back, Everything was in
proportion. Immaculately presented, a born showman - stood 4 square
showing his head off at all times. Moved with purpose & drive -as his
construction would suggest. Always at one with his handler. A quality
exhibit. B.O.B. & delighted to see him go G2

2. Wilkie's Avonbank Golden Warrior

3. Hill's Molson Montoyah

Graduate 5

1. Isdale's Son of a Dancer

2. Fotheringham's Craighilton Copper -

3. Ironside's Craighilton The Countess

Open 6

1. Fotheringham's Craighilton Crusader - Tri dog of 9 years. Belied his
age & obviously enjoying his day out. Well moulded foreface , ears
right up on top. Jet black dense well groomed coat. Moved with drive,
although a bit proud of his tail!

2. Andrew's Kellylee Blue Flash

Rough Collie:

Junior 7

1. Szmitz's Levenbank Ready Rubbed - Rich g/s dog. Presented to
perfection. Full white collar that emphasised his length of strong well
muscled neck.. Lovely head & eye. Well filled foreface. Correct ear
set. Good front assembly , neat tight feet . Movement was well
coordinated. Correct tail carriage. Handled to get the best from him.

B.O.B. & G3

2. McGowan's Amalie Times Two For Peemagee

3. Thomson's Steelhurst Secret Passion at Lomondvale

Novice 5

1. Robinson's Aintshe Akaysha.- A very sweet b/m bitch .Nice dark almond
shaped eye. Beautifully marked & well presented. Not too happy in the

2. Szmitz's Levenbank Jenny Wren

3. McGowan's Amalie Times Two For Peemagee

Graduate 4

1. Thomson's Lomondvale Laphroig - Quality dog just out of puppy. Clean
head, nice dark eye. Good sweep over the loins. Good bend of stifle.
Moved well.

2. Best's Pelido Exclusively Blue

3. Robertson's Jadeoak Lover Boy

Open 7

1. Robinson's Aintshe Chelsea Girl. - Tri bitch. Glamorously marked. Jet
black coat of good texture. Beautifully presented. Good body shape Neat
well shaped ears that she used to perfection. Short hocks moved with

2. McGeachie's Skeochvill Rambling Rose

3. McGeachie Ernlyn Bermuda Dream At Skeochville.


Terri Brand