Newark & Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society Dog Show

Saturday 1st. May 2004

All exhibits were of good temperament and were well groomed with clean teeth. I felt all could have done a good day’s work. Many were ‘proud’ of their tails and this spoilt their outline on the move.

Border Collie

Puppy 7(1)
1Lucas’s - Aculsia Eminem Rap. Nice type. Well constructed. Good ear carriage. Covered the ground well. Shows promise. B.P.
2Beasley’s - Caleykiz Miss Independent
3Dalby’s - Axernamoon Imotep

Junior 6(1)

1Parsler’s - Resleap Christmas Cracker. Well coated dog who moved well keeping a level topline. Jet black coat.Pleasing eye giving an intelligent expression.

2Patchett’s - Brailsford Dancing Flame

3Norman’s - Rosmarinus Red Squirrel

Post Graduate 4(1)

1Simmon’s - Caristan Phantom of the Opera. Attractive dog with an alert expression. Nice size. Good length of neck leading to good shoulders and hind angulation. Showed and handled well. Very responsive to handler. Covered the ground with ease. B.O.B.

2Paesler’s - Resleap Jingle Belle

3Crompton’s - Meisterwerk Tom Thumb

Open 3(1)

1Soper’s - Vimick Mach Two. Liked this one. Moved with drive. Good length of neck. Good bite. A happy dog who pushed hard in the challenge. R.B.O.B.

2Paesler’s - Resleap Highland Laird JW

Rough Collie – Thank you all for a super entry.

Puppy Dog 3(1)

1Flint’s – Highnol Aribas – Heavily coated sable dog. Pleasing head and eye. Well placed ears which he used. Good tail length. Brisk movement. Quite a handful at 9 months.

2Mcloughlin’s Rixown Golden Thymes.

Puppy Bitch 5(1)

1Randall’s – Ladnar Ginger Rogers

- Sweet feminine s/w bitch. Well- filled foreface. Flat skull, correct set almond eyes. Lovely shape, good reach of neck. Neat well shaped feet. Well groomed and handled. Moved with drive. At 11 months should have a bright future. B.P.

2Harwood’s Ithilien Flame of Gold at Bonicky

3Newton’s Ladnar Red Regina

Junior 5

1Hodges’ Jopium Rock DJ – Liked this dog a lot. Tri with a jet-black coat, rich tan markings of correct texture. One of the sweetest tri dogs I’ve judged recently. Correct head, eye, neat well- placed ears. Good length of neck and back. Well- trimmed feet and hocks. Standing perfectly he just asked for the red card. Presented and handled to perfection. (The offer still stands!!) B.O.B.

2Randall’s Ladnar Ginger Rogers

3Flint’s Highnol Future Vision.

Post Graduate 10(3)

Another lovely class.

1Hodges’Jopium Rock DJ

2Hutchinson’s Dreamin’ of Crackenedge – A super bitch –unlucky to meet 1.

3Harwood’s Jopium Power of Dreams at Bonicky

Open 7(2)

1Annable’s Rusforth Intermezzo at Avisette – Very sweet dreamy s/w bitch whom I’ve judged before. Did not disappoint. Well presented. Standing 4 square. Her handler always gets the best out of her. Her coat fits her well – constructed body. In good condition. Moved with drive and power. R.B.O.B.

2Hull’s Rixown Jack Flash

3Tunnicliffe’s – Illusions of Blue with Witchdancer.

Judge:Keith G.A.Brand